Environmental Protection/環境保護工作
We are eager to be part of the environmental protection work and we believe in starting young children to understand the importance of protecting our environment at an early age. We see a strong connection between letting young children to learn about environmental protection and the actual environmental protection work done in the very environment they are in. So, in July of 2014, the lightings and air-conditionings of our entire school have been replaced with energy saving or low energy consumption equipment. Throughout the 2014-2015 academic year, we have conducted various activities which are directly related to the environmental protection work done in their school in response to the global environmental protection.

Conduct environment protection activities like seminar, workshop and outside site visit.

舉辦環保活動/講座/工作坊/戶外參觀(活動包括親子旅行, 海報設計比賽/種植比賽)

Blend in the environment protection education with the children's regular curriculum and daily learning program.


Design environment protection themed poster by using children's and their parents' worked together drawings and post it at Jordan MTR station.


Publish environment protection education knowledge and information in the school's communication publication.


Promote environment protection work through the daily living among children, parents and school staff.


Special thanks to the Environment And Conservation Fund and the Environmental Campaign Committee for making the environmental protection work done possible at our school.

Here are the work done for this project: