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We care because kindergarten is where the value begins!

電腦輔助教學 電腦及多媒體設備是有效的輔助學習工具,本校的互動教學軟件及教材由資深教育專業人士設計編寫。學生不單 學 懂操作電腦,還能運用電腦學習。

IT Assisted Learning and Teaching Computer and Multimedia systems are effective tools to assist children learning. Our education professionals develop and custom make interactive educational software and materials for our children. They not only learn how to use computers, most importantly, they know how to use computers to learn.

Maintaining a full profile for each child at our school and let parents and their child view it together is the key for effective pre-school education for early learners and young kindergarteners. That's the exact reason why we have been maintaining a regularly updated full profile record containing each child's unique personal characteristical information, photos and video clips of progress in digital format and available online live for all three years of the child's schooling.

We would like to help build families and the community we all live in. In our work of helping to build families, we work with parents closely, involve tight communication with families, provide lots of opportunities for parents/children activities, and conduct photo taking sessions for the purpose of nurturing family tie. Moreover, in our work of helping to build the community we all live in, we appreciate mix ethnicity because we believe in ‘are all equal’, and we treat everyone impartially. Although we are a school of kindergarteners, we are helping to build families and the community; it is because running a kindergarten school is working at the root level which requires close tie to families and their young children, and the community we all live in. We have the on-going desire and full intention in the helping to build families and the community we all live in.

我們希望如有需要時能幫助建立家庭和我們的生活社區. 我們幫助建立家庭的工作包括與家長緊密聯絡,與家庭緊密溝通,供給多些親子活動機會,和舉辦攝影拍攝項目以促進親密健康家庭. 還有,我認為幫助建立生活社區的工作是歡迎融合多種種族社區因為我相信人人平等,同時對待每人都是一視同仁. 雖然我們是一所幼稚園,我們都希望能夠幫助建立家庭和生活社區.因為其實幼稚園的工作是根基的工作而同時需要與幼童和他們的家庭及社區緊密聯係.一直以來都有意向和全心全意想幫助建立家庭與我們的生活社區.
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