Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten 佐敦北海幼稚園

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We care because kindergarten is where the value begins!


我們重視幼兒教育。本園是培育兒童良好素質的開始。 我們相信學習是兒童成長的途徑而學校應為他們提供樂趣和挑戰。因為孩子的將來就是不斷的資源。 本校致力為幼兒開創提供多元化的課程及語文學習環境,讓幼兒在語言和智能、情緒、社交及體能各方面 均衝健康 發展。並發掘學生個人潛能 , 引發學習興趣,保持優異成績。我們的課程為幼兒建立良好基礎以應付日後在學習及各方面的挑戰和需要

Philosophy and Mission

Children's future is the replenishing resources.

We care because our school is where the child’s value begins. We believe learning is the child's pathway to personal growth and school should be both challenging and joyous. Our mission is to create a comprehensive curriculum and language-rich environment that foster the cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of all children. We nurture the individual learning style of each child while maintaining standards of academic excellence and love of learning. Our programs aim to provide students with a solid basis for coping with the academic and social challenges they will encounter in the future.

Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten is a private English Chinese bilingual international kindergarten, educating young children wholeheartedly, as always.


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