Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten 佐敦北海幼稚園

We care because kindergarten is where the value begins!




Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten is a private English Chinese bilingual international kindergarten, educating young children wholeheartedly, as always.




We Turn Good Kids To Better Children

關於我們本校自1965年為社區提供優質幼兒教育及照顧服務,為所有 2 至 6 歲兒童提供半日及全日課程。富經驗、具愛心的專業教學團隊 致力給予 幼兒優質教育和悉心照顧,著重每個學童的獨有潛質及需要。設計和提供富啟發性的多元化教育課程及愉快學習環境,兼顧幼兒認知和語言、身體、情意和群性、美感的全面均衝健康發展 。


About us We have been serving the community for the need of education and child care services since 1965. Our programs are open to all children between the ages of 2 and 6. Our experienced and caring teaching team values each child’s unique talents and needs. We are devoted to offer excellent education programs and attentive treatment to all children. We design and provide enriching learning environment and inspiring classes that cover the Physical, Cognitive and Language, Affective and Social, and Aesthetic Development of children.

We teach children one breath at a time so they thrive!

佐敦北海幼稚園提供優質幼兒教育 本幼稚園 1.提供完善均衡的幼兒課程 2.幫助幼童提高語文能力的圖書閱讀計劃 3.應用幼兒成長電子檔案學習系統 4.採用科技輔助教育儀器以建立有效的學習環境與氣氛 5.經常舉辦多種主題活動和延展活動 6.有雙語教導能力 7.有資深和經驗的辦學者 8.以真誠及充滿愛心地教導

We have 1. a complete and balance course program; 2. a Books and Reading Club for effective reading; 3. a Digital Portfolio Learning System; 4. technology-assist learning equipment establishing the interactive learning environment; 5. thematic extra-curriculum and many extension activities; 6. bilingual capacity; 7. knowledgeable and educated teaching staff; 8. sincerity, genuineness, and love. and love.

設有合 衛生 規格的清潔 廚房,為學生提供營養午餐和茶點。

Other School Services

We provide school bus service.
Clean and safe kitchen managed by school is providing nutritious hot meals and refreshment for students.
Parents can borrow educational or children books from our Library.



佐敦北海幼稚園 / 幼兒園由持碩士學位的資深專業教育人士管理,訂定學校發展計劃及教學政策和內容,日常之運作交由校長處理。

School Management

Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten/Nursery is managed by professional educators with Master degrees and years of experience in education of early learners. We establish policies and develop plans to administer the school’s management and progress, while assigning day-to-day operation to the principal.