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We care because kindergarten is where the value begins!

報名 Enrollment

報名申請表 request and submit application form

· 歡迎親臨本校  visit our school 
· 學校網頁 school website : 
· 電郵 E-mail :
· 郵寄致本校  send by mail to school

(全年接受報名申請表 application accepted year round)

需要文件 Documents required

1. 出生證明或允許留港證明書 Birth certificate or Stay Hongkong Permit copy
2. 免疫針記錄表 Immunization record copy
3. 相片兩張  Two ID photos
4. 已寫上回郵地址及貼上郵票信封3個 3 envelopes with written address and stamps
5. 報名費40元  Application fee $40

(如在網上遞交報名申請表,可在面試日繳交報名費. Application fee to be paid on interview day if application is submitted on website.)

­面試 / 入學 Interview / Admission

本校會以書信或電郵方式通知家長有關面試日期和時間. 被接受入學的學童會在2至3星期內收到本校發出接受入學信通知繳交學費及註冊登記入學.

We will inform parents of the interview date and time with the child by letter or  email upon receipt of the application form. Students who have been admitted will usually receive admission letters within 2-3 weeks regarding payment of the enrollment fee for class registration.


Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten is a private English Chinese bilingual international kindergarten, educating young children wholeheartedly, as always.

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