Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten 佐敦北海幼稚園

現正招收各級插班學生 Admitting Now!


We care because kindergarten is where the value begins!

本校課程 Our School Curriculum

提供適齡學術課程, 多元的美藝和音樂, 具引發性的體能活動, 創意自選遊戲   Provides age-appropriate academic programs, enriching art and music lessons,  stimulating physical activities, and creative free play.

由幼班的遊戲活動進階至高年級較學術的課程  From play-based activities at early age to more formal academic–based learning programs at higher grades.

著重幼童認知/智能和語言發展及溝通能力  Supports children’s Intellectual and Language Development and  Communication skills.

強化幼童思考, 探索, 提問, 推理, 解難及學會學習  Empowers children to think, explore, question, reason, problem solving and learn how to learn.

發展社交及情緒, 與同輩及長輩和睦相處/合作/解紛  Develops social and emotional skills, ability to relate and cooperate well with peers and adults, resolve conflicts.

令幼童喜愛學習, 培育創意/自信, 鼓勵自學/主動學習  Enables children to develop a love for learning, nurture creativity and confidence, encourages to be independent learners and to take an active role in their learning.

幫助幼童有正確價值觀, 懂得愛護身邊的人和物, 了解生活社區及世界  Help children see the values, learn to love people and creatures/ things, understand the community and the world around them.

為升讀小學及終身學習提供穩健基礎  Provides a solid platform for primary school education and life-long learning.



除學科知識,透過課堂活動亦幫助兒童發展思維、創意、解難、社交及自理能力.透過四個重要範疇:品格,才 藝 ,體能和智力發展,使他們知道責任,勇氣,信心和成功。 兒童的語言是與人溝通和終生學習的重要能力,我們不單教導幼童閱讀,更重要是懂得學習和思考。

Skill and Character Development

Besides academic development, our classes help children develop thinking, creativity, problem solving, social and self-management skills. We would like to instill true values like responsibility, courage, confidence and success through four essential elements: “Character Play”, “Discovering Talents”, “Active in Sports” and “Being Smart”.

We find it particularly important to develop children’s literacy as it is an essential skill for communication and life-long learning. We not only teach children how to read, but also read to learn and think.

幼童學習方法 本校幼童透過以下六個方法學習:

  • 展示和描述
  • 探索和明白
  • 閱讀和思考
  • 觀看和實行
  • 說話和行動
  • 互相模仿學習


Methodology Here is how our children learn. They learn through these six approaches.

  • Show and Tell
  • Explore and Understand
  • Read and Think
  • See and Do
  • Talk and Move
  • Follow me and Follow You

When children love to learn, they’ll learn.

學習評估及檔案 本校採持續觀察、記錄和分析去評估幼兒學習及在校表現,以了解和促進幼兒的學習和身心健康發展,並把有關資料有系統地存放在學生學習歷程檔案。

Learning Assessment and Student Portfolio We assess children’s learning and overall performance through continuous observation, records and analysis so as to understand children’s learning in order to promote their physical and mental development. This information is recorded and filed systematically in students’ portfolio.

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