Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten 佐敦北海幼稚園

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We care because kindergarten is where the value begins!

教學人員 本校所有教職員都有認可專業 資格及 多年幼兒教學經驗,重視每個幼童的獨有潛質及需要。因為 明白課堂教授知識對幼童學習非常重要,本校採用雙語教師,能與每個學生有良好溝通。 富經驗及具愛心的教學隊伍致力給予幼兒最佳教育課程及愉快學習經驗。

本校師生比例符合教統局指引, 3 至6歲幼童班別為1:15 ,而2 至3 歲則為1: 12 。

Teaching Staff Our teaching staff is qualified professional teachers with years of experience in teaching small children. They value each child’s unique talents and needs. As it is important for students to understand what is taught, all our teachers are bilingual and able to communicate well with each child. Our experienced and caring teaching team is devoted to provide the best education programs and happy learning experience to all children.

We have low teacher to child ratio of 1:15 for age 3-6 and 1:12 for age 2-3 that meets the EMB requirements.

Jordan Pak Hoi Kindergarten is a private English Chinese bilingual international kindergarten, educating young children wholeheartedly, as always.


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